We’re Taking The Waverly To Hampdenfest, Plus New Books & Vinyl


Hello Cultural Warriors of a Glorious Dry Fall of Dappled Light!

September in Baltimore has become a time of feverish arts actiivity. High Zero is in gear even now as I type with sausage fingers addled with caffeine, to be followed directly by Transmodern. Plus we have a bunch of Normal’s shows coming up also:

October 9th: A Publication Party for the 2nd Annual Chris Toll Memorial Chapbook Contest. This year’s worthy winner is Barrett Warner and his book My Friend Ken Harvey.

October 19th: Arty HIll (solo gospel and country) and Jonathan Stone (Samba guitarist).

November 2: A reading with Cort Bledsoe and Nathan W. Leslie.

November 9th: Cigar Box Planetarium (interplanetary beings playing post-space age prog surf! Toit!), lowpulsewidthmod (incredible survey-like set touching on some high points of the last thirty years of electro and industrial) and Infinity Knives (electronics with standup bass and drums).

Other big news is that you can catch us at a booth in Hampdenfest this year. Very excited about it. O to experience the deep pockets of groovy Hampden, even if just for one day. We will have our hardbitten blue collar Waverly face on. And since I have just had to shell out major money for front and back brakes on my car I will be cutting a few prized items from my private collection of vinyl and books. So if you see me weeping when you make a purchase (and please please do) then you know you’ve made a pick I’m particularly fond of.

Been super busy and can’t put together a complete list of what’s been coming in, but here’s a little to wet your whistle:

Black Pace Setters. Black history awareness lp on Buddah, still sealed! Produced, directed and narrated by Nathaniel Montague, $15.

Der Plan - Normalette Surprise: 17 Elektronische Schlager. Near mint on blue vinyl in near mint jacket, $20.

Fifty Foot Hose - Cauldron. Near mint Phoenix reissue, $20.

Al Green - Call Me. Excellent in very good + jacket, $10.

Freddie Hubbard - Here To Stay. Excellent Blue Note double album in excellent textured gatefold jacket, $12.

Jump Up With The Jewels! Winners of the 1970-1971 Aruba steelband contest, $6.


Daniel Johnston - Artistic Vice/1990. Near mint double album reissue, $20.

Albert King - King of the Blues Guitar. Excellent in very good + jacket, $12.

Gloria Lynne - Happy & In Love. Near mint Canyon press in very good + jacket, $10.

R. Stevie Moore - Clack. Double album, one platter be green, the other brown. Excellent in excellent jacket, $20.

Pamelo Mounk’a. Near mint on “disques sonics”, $12.

Billy Paul - Ebony Woman. Near mint in very good + jacket, $5.

Pharoah Sanders - Live at the East. Near mint in very good + gatefold. Has small punch hole at bottom left, $20.

Horace Silver - Silver ‘n Brass. Near mint Blue Note, $10.

Nina Simone - At Newport. No one rocks a front jacket (or of course the grooves inside) like Nina. Very good + mono Colpix in vg+ jacket, $15.

LaDonna Smith - La (Lanthadum) “Rare Earth”. New limited edition lp on Table of Elements. Pressed on beautiful orange and yellow vinyl, $20.

Throbbing Gristle - D.O.A. Near mint Industrial repress, remastered by Chris Carter extra hot. With booklet and featuring text by the one and only secret master Blaster Al Ackerman on back of jacket, $25.


Tom Waits - The Heart of Saturday Night. Very good + in vg+ jacket. $15.

Kim Weston - Big Brass Four Poster. Very good + on People in very good gatefold jacket, $15.

Bill Withers - Live At Carnegie Hall. Very good + double album in very good gatefold jacket, $10.




———————————————————————————————————————————————————————- BOOKS


THE I CAN’T BELIEVE SOMEONE HASN’T SNATCHED IT UP YET title of the week is Burning Chrome by William Gibson. It’s a beautiful near fine hardback first of this revolutionary sci-fi writer’s second book. In fine mylar protected jacket. 1986 on Arbor House Press, $70 (if you buy it on a Friday it’s only $56 - 20% off all used books every Friday! The recession drags on, so too does our weekly sale, insh’allah.)

May I Kiss You On the Lips, Miss Sandra? - Sandra Bernhard. Fine first edition, signed by the diva herself, $25.

Vernacular Visionaries: International Outsider Art - Edited by Annie Carlano. Fine Yale hardback quarto in fine jacket, $25.

Don Quixote - Miguel de Cervantes. The new translation by Edith Grossman. Fine hardback in fine jacket, $10.

Telegraph Avenue - Michael Chabon. Very good + in fine bright jacket, $8.

The Paperboy - Pete Dexter. As new film edition paperback, $6. The gent who sold me this said the book is quite good and nothing like the slimy movie, which I had been sucked into. Pete Dexter is the author of the novel Deadwood, which the popular HBO series was based on. If you want to see Nicole Kidman and John Cusack get soul deep in muck, rent this movie. Yowza!

Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages - Umberto Eco. Paperback, $5.

The Circle - Dave Eggers. Fine hardback in fine jacket, $14.

The Structure of Evolutionary Theory - Stephen Jay Gould. Fine Harvard hardback, $15.

Change Your Underwear Twice a Week: Lessons From The Golden Age of Classroom Filmstrips - Danny Gregory. Very good + Artisan paperback, $5.

Supernatural: Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Manking - Graham Hancock. Near fine Disinformation hardback in near fine jacket, $15.

The Hermit, a novel - Eugene Ionesco. Near fine Andre Deutsch first edition hardback in very good + clipped jacket, $20.

Nature’s State: Imagining Alaska as the Last Frontier - Susan Kollin. Very good + on University of North Carolina Press, $6.

The Hanged Man: Psychotherapy and the Forces of Darkness - Sheldon Kopp. Very good minus, some underlining. paperback, $4.

Torture and the Twilight of Empire: From Algiers to Baghdad - Marnia Lazreg. Near fine Princeton hardback in very good + jacket, $20.

Nostalgia - Dennis McFarland. As new 2013 hardback, $8.

Islam and Gender: The Religious Debate in Contemporary Iran - Ziba Mir-Hosseini. Very good Princeton paperback, $8.

Alan Moore: Conversations. Edited by Eric Berlatsky. Fine University Press of Mississippi paperback, $12.

Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore - Walter Mosley. 2014 hardback, near fine in very good + jacket, A new Easy Rawlins mystery! $10.

Little Green - Walter Mosley. Fine 2013 hardback, $8.

Raw #8. With a chapter of Maus still bound in! Very good +, $30.

1000 Tattoos - Edited by Henk Schiffmacher. Massive Tascen paperback, first edition, $12.

Film Noir: An Encyclopedic Reference to the American Style - Edited by Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward. Fine third edition paperback quarto, $10.

Cash: American Recordings - Tony Tost. Near fine paperback from the 33 1/3 series, $6.

The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music - Victor Wooten. As new Berkley paperback, $5. “Victor Wooten is the Carlos Castaneda of music” - Tony Levin.




August 25, 1836: Bret Harte’s birthday

Guest Post from Kassie M., Grad student in the Map Collection

This map was discovered in the map collection this summer as part of the inventory project. The map features the names and illustrations of famous American writers or their characters. Bret Harte, the famous American author and poet, is featured on a map inset.

Map: Firley, H.J. (ed.) & Boys, J. (ill.) A Pictorial Map Depicting the Literacy Development of the United States. Chicago: Denoyer-Geppert:Chicago. 1952.

Two Days Left Of The Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Two days left of the Labor Day Weekend Sale! It’s been hopping. And speaking of hopping, today’s two boxes of new cultural gems came from Hampden Junque celebrity Rabbit Joe “Seth”, just back from Bali and raising funds for his Charles Village Gamelan Foundation. Below is just a taste of the new stuff being added daily.

20% off all used books, records, CDs & DVDs Sunday and Labor Day.

The Beatles Complete Scores.  Every song written and recorded by the Beatles.  Fine hardback in near fine slipcase.  $40.

Vernacular Visionaries:  International Outsider Art - Edited by Annie Carlano.  Fine hardback quarto in near fine jacket, $25.

Thai Art and Culture:  Historic Manuscripts from Western Collections - Henry Ginsburg.  Fine University of Hawaii Press hardback in near fine jacket, $15.

Mail Me Art:  Going postal with the world’s best illustrators and designers - Darren Di Lieto.  Fine HOW oblong paperback, out-of—print, $10.

Joseph Cornell - Edited by Kynaston McShine.  Fine Museum of Modern Art paperback quarto.  $8.

A Dame to Kill For - Frank Miller.  Second paperback printing, $6.

The Re/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids - Paul Spinrad.  First edition paperback, near fine, $8.

Changing Faces - George Tscherny.  Princeton Architectural Press paperback, $6.

A Cavalier History of Surrealism - Raoul Vaneigem.  AK Press paperback, $5.


CDs of Stuff That is Succulent and Hard To Find In Any Format


American Analog Set - The Fun of Watching Fireworks, $5.

Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Work In Progress.   Rhino double cd set, $10.

Celebration - The Modern Tribe, $5.

Manu Dibango - Africadelic.  Hi&Fly, $8.

Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be, $5.

Ellie Pop - self-titled.  World Psychedelia, $10.

Felt - Stains On a Decade, $7.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Irm, $6.

Grant Green - Green Street.  Blue Note, $6.

Bo Hansson - Lord of the Rings, $8.

Shin Joong Hyun - Beautiful Rivers and Mountains:  The Psych Rock Sound of South Korea.  Light in the Attic, $10.

M83 - Digital Shades, vol. 1, $5.

Meat Puppets - self-titled, $6.

Hank Mobley - Workout.  Blue Note, $6.

Moondog - Viking of Sixth Avenue.  Honest Jon’s (a Must!), $9.

Quantic Soul Orchestra - Tropidelico.  $7.

Savage Republic - Tragic Figures, $10.

Selda - self-titled.  Finders Keepers, (a Must!) $8.

Nikki Sudden - Texas/Dead Men Tell No Tales, $10.

Marcos Valle - Vento Soul, $8

Four Day Labor Day Weekend Sale!

The surprisingly gentle, beautiful summer is drawing to an end. The first Fields Festival has left rubbery blown minds in musty cabins, teachers are taking their first morning whiskey bracers and High Zero and Transmodern are only weeks away.

We salute the season’s end for not broiling us down to our last nerve by holding a 20% off all used books, records, CDs and DVDs sale Friday through Labor Day Monday. We’ve been stockpiling like crazy the last few weeks so the shelves are rich for plundering. Below is a real quick glimpse at a few of the new titles in.

BOOKS! Books You Can Hold & Smell! Cheaper Than Electronic Files!

Voltaire - A.J. Ayer. First Random House hardback edition, fine, $15.

Cruddy - Lynda Barry. Fine Simon & Schuster hardback first in fine jacket, $12.

Manifesta: young women, feminism, and the future - Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards. Fine Farrar Straus and Giroux paperback, $5.

Lewis & Clark - Nick Bertozzi. Signed first edition paperback with drawing by author, $10.

Secret Doctrine - Madame Blavatsky. Near fine two volume Theosophical Society paperback set, $25.

Isis Unveiled - Madame Blavatsky. Two volume Theosophical Society paperback set, $15.

Empires in World History: Power and the Politics of Difference - Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper. Fine Princeton paperback, $15.

Across Africa - Cameron. Fine out-of-print 1969 Negro Universities Press hardback with fold-out map bound in, $30.

Theories of Everything: Selected, Collected, Health-Inspected Cartoons by Roz Chast, 1978 - 2006. Very good + Bloomsbury hardback quarto in very good jacket, $15.

The Blackwell Dictionary of Judaica - Dan Cohn-Sherbok. Very good + paperback, $10.

Darwin’s Autobiography with his notes & letters depicting the growthof The Origin of the Species. 1950 Henry Schuman hardback, very good in vg minus jacket, $15. Rejection Collection: Cartoons You Never Saw and Never Will See In The New Yorker - edited by Matthew Diffee. Very good hardback, $5.

I Love You Beth Cooper - Larry Doyle. Fine signed first edition hardback, $20. I Love Led Zeppeln: Panty-Dropping Comics by Ellen Forney. Very good out-of-print Fantagraphics paperback quarto, $8.

Graphic Novels: Everything You Need To Know - Paul Gravett. Collins Design paperback quarto, $8.

Iamblichus’ Life of Pythagoras - translated by Thomas Taylor. Fine Inner Traditions paperback, $8.

It Chooses You - Miranda July. With photos by Brigitte Sire. As new hardback, $10. Reinventing Comics: How IMagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form - Scott McCloud. Very good Perennial paperback, $6.

Collect Raindrops: The Seasons Gathered - Nikki McClure. Near fine Abrams hardback folio first edition, $30.

New & Selected Poems - Mary Oliver. AS new Beacon hardback, $12.

Honey From Stone: A Naturalist’s Search For God - Chet Raymo, illustrated by Bob O’Cathail. Near fine Dodd Mead hardback first in near fine jacket, $10.

My Heart is an Idiot - Davy Rothbart. Fine first edition hardback signed by Rothbart with drawn heart. $15.

Coleridge, Opium & Kubla Khan - Elisabeth Schneider. Near fine Octagon hardback, out-of-print, $15.

The Complete Peanuts, 1950-1954 - Charles Schulz. As new in near fine slipcase, out-of-print, $40.

My Kalulu: Prince, King & Slave - H.M. Stanley. Near fine out-of-print 1969 Negro Universities Press hardback, $20.

Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters - Jessica Valenti. Fine Seal paperback, $5.

The Infinite Wait and Other Stories - Julia Wertz. Signed by author, paperback, $12.

Near Mint Stones Boots!

Today kind of felt like the sparkling emergence from mid-summer doldrums. Folks were popping in all day, the new Normal’s Chris Day designed tee was flying off the racks and a gent brought in a stack of vinyl gold that included 6 near mint Rolling Stones boots.

First off, there is the 3 lp box set “Tour of the Americas, 1975”. The vinyl is near mint, the box is very good minus. $60.

“Muddy Water Session”. Near mint double album in very good + jacket. $50. Tracks are: “Side One: Gimmie Shelter; Tumbling Dice; Brown Sugar; Reasons to Get High (with Muddy Waters).
Side Two: Street Fighting Man; Heart Breaker; Angie; Honky Tonk Woman.
Side Three: Midnight Rambler; On Down the Road (with Muddy Waters).
Side Four: Mannish Boy; Hoochie Koochie Man (both with Muddy Waters).

Not a boot, but a nice collectible - first issue of “Some Girls” with original cover featuring the faces of Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe that were later censored. Vinyl and jacket are excellent, $20.

“All Them Women”. “Some Girls” rehearsals, volume 3. Near mint with back cover picture page with track listing. $35.

“Stripped”. Near mint 1995 UK press of a double live album.

“Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out”. Netherlands pressing on blue vinyl! Excellent in very good + jacket, $30.

“Twenty Flight Rock”. Near mint triple album of ‘81 show in Hampton, VA on Keef’s 38th birthday! Was there cake? Was the frosting Swedish coke? In very good jacket with light ringwear, $35.

Keith Richards - L.A. Connection. Near mint double lp in vg+ jacket, $30. Live December 14, 1988.

New Barbarians - Barbaric Splendor. Near mint 1989 pressing of live 1979 concert. In near mint jacket, $40.

And let’s not forget Ron Wood! “I’ve Got My Own Album To Do”. Near mint UK Warner pressing in excellent jacket. With insert, $15.

And one Grateful Dead boot - “Orpheum Theater, Boston 1976.” Near mint on color vinyl in excellent jacket, $40.

don’t sleep on these. It’s rare that they turn up, let alone fresh and minty.